Date: 10.04.2019 | News

A happy congregation welcomed DA EDY ISNUGROHO in Chiang Mai. He served the faithful with the bible text in

1. Corinthians 1-:16-17. and elaborated:


Holy Communion emphasizes our dependence on God, strengthens our promise with Him, nourishes the godly life within us, strengthens our calling, and prepares us for eternal fellowship with Him. In doing so, it also strengthens our fellowship with the faithful

The Divine Service had to take place on saturday due to elections on Sunday. On Friday the Committee of the Foundation of the New Apostolic Church in Thailand, the steering body of the church had its annual meeting. The retired DA URS HEBEISEN was ending his term and as NEW CHAIRMAN AP. FRED WOLF was nominated.

The program was rounded off with a seminar on the purpose of being New Apostolic by EV. GOBI TRISTEN from Malaysia

The church in Thailand is small, but very much alive and “RICH IN CHRIST