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Welcome to the official Website of the New Apostolic Church in Thailand. Visitors are always welcome at all our locations! Within the following pages you will be able to find a wealth information on:

• The New Apostolic Creed
• Dates and Upcoming Events
• Divine Services and Locations

Additional information about our faith and the church can be accessed at the official website of the New Apostolic Church International.

Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter, again we celebrate high-feasts of Christianity. Such days should not be lived through without reflection on their meaning. We remember the high light of the life of Jesus. Our thoughts are directed to His entrance into Jerusalem and visit at the temple where He... Read More
The board of trustees of the Foundation of NAC Thailand met in Chiang Mai for its annual meeting on March 31st. In his opening address the DA and Chair of the board, stated the challenges the church faces and thanked the Apostle Fred Wolf for his work and endurance to... Read More
Our Church in Thailand has new email addresses: Office of the Apostle:  nac@nacthailand.org  Administration office:  chiangmai@nacthailand.org Rector Bangkok:         bangkok@nacthailand.org Rector Hua Hin:          huahin@nacthailand.org Read More
This year’s second edition of our worldwide congregation magazine is available. Download from this website, get hard copy in your congregation. The publication of the New Apostolic is a very informativ read. Spiritual topics are covered, soul care, doctrine explained, stories concerning our faith, news and most importantly the Chief... Read More
All new apostolic congregations celebrated the beginning of the new year with a commitment to glorify God, our Father!    The Chief Apostle greeted the members with an address for all Christians. http://nac.today/en/a/431634 Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen (Philippians 4:20) The Apostle Paul said “NOW”. Praise and worship is the essential... Read More