The Chief Apostle’s visit to Thailand

Date: 16.07.2015 | News

199 souls gathered in the northern City of Nan on Sunday 22nd September to experience the serving of the Chief Apostle. The bases for the sermon was on Psalm 126:6. (transcripts soon available) Apostle Fred Wolf and his wife Anna received the blessing on their silver wedding. 25 years they worked together diligently with their son and daughter in our Thailand mission. For the country of Cambodia(DAA Canada) 4 Bishops were ordained. All enjoyed the renditions of the Youth Orchestra delegations from Indonesia and Korea together with the Thai-Youth choir. Saturday the Chief Apostle gathered the Brothers in the ministry for a meeting to strengthen and encourage. He thanked all for their untiring work in soul care.

The main theme of the afternoon was: “The fire of the gospel must always be kindled again and again; it shall never be extinguished but always keep burning” (Luke 12:49)

In the evening the local Nan congregation welcomed the Chief Apostle and the many guests for a festive congregational fellowship and great joy was evident. Today, Monday the journey continues to Australia.