District Apostle Visit in Bangkok

Date: 12.04.2016 | News

Annual Board Meeting in Bangkok, 2nd April 2016
The District Apostle and the Board of Directors of the Foundation of the New Apostolic Church in Thailand has met to approve the financial statement and budgets as well as discussing the state of Church in Thailand. In 2015 at total of 330 divine services were conducted attended by 4654 souls. “The flock is small, but the church is very much alive” the District Apostle stated.

Divine Service, 3rd April 2016
The Sunday Divine service at Bangkok church was transmitted to Chiang Mai Church and also received on line by scattered members. The sermon based on Mark 11:17. The Lord Jesus did not clean the temple to judge but to teach a lesson. The condition did not please Him because He wanted to see His father’s house as a house of prayer for all nations; just as Prophet Jeremiah foretold. The temple is God’s house, it is our congregation and also our own soul. What does Jesus find in there today when He enters? Let us purify it and keep it clean to serve God’s purpose, a house of prayer for all people. A temple, our heart, of which we can profess the risen Christ lives in it.
A joyful congregation joined the service. Music by piano and violin, as well as a song presented by our youngest participant, gave a festive atmosphere. A highlight was the celebration of the Holy Communion for the Departed, where we remembered all our beloved ones who passed away.
After the service the congregation joined together for lunch. All participants from near and far used the possibility to exchange thoughts and to enjoy the fellowship.