District Apostle Hebeisen holds confirmation service in Pabonglang

Date: 16.07.2015 | News

Confirmation in Pabonglang. In the north of Thailand, in the mountains, near the Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos join, lives the people of the Akhas. They live from agriculture and have a culture going back to 15 generations. Since the ninety-eighties there is a congregation there, established by the missionary work of Apostle Horn and the then District Apostle Latorcai. To deepen the knowledge of Christendom and to teach the Gospel is a long process of development. But 2 years ago, a simple but nice church could be built. “We have supplied the material and every family appointed a worker”, reported Apostle Wolf to the District Apostle on the occasion of his visit on 24th April. To celebrate Easter among the Akha people was a special experience. 8 confirmands had prepared themselves and brought their vow before God. The District Apostle and those who accompanied him were then invited for lunch. A pig had been specially slaughtered for this purpose. For this day of celebration many sisters attended the divine service in their traditional costumes. Some confirmands also stood in front of the altar in these special festive garments.