DA says goodbye to Thailand

Date: 31.03.2018 | News

The District Apostle who will retire in November was on his last visit to Thailand. The Ap. Fred Wolf brought him together with DAH Edy Isnugroho and Bh. Samuel Tansahtikno to Phuket were the Board of Trustees of NAC Thailand hold its annual meeting.

Scattered members from the South gathered for a Divine Service based on Psalm 22:25 “even small congregation and scattered members are part of the great assembly. We are all called to profess our vow to Christ and within the congregation” was the message

In Nan our oldest and biggest Thai member congregation celebrated Palm-Sunday divine Service together and the elaborated theme was: “The kingdom of Peace will come. Let us enter where Jesus rules” (Zecharaiah 9:9)

In Bangkok and Chiang Mai the DA said farewell to our Brethren, his friends of many years.

The tour was concluded in Hua Hin our German Mission. “We make sin die to live with Christ” (Romans 6:5) a timely word for passion week.