Asian Youth Day 2011 in Indonesia

Date: 16.07.2015 | News

Youth from Thailand participates in the Asian Youth Day 2011 held in Indonesia. From 1 – 3 April 2011 the youth of South-East Asia met in Indonesia. Also a number of the Youth from Thailand was able to participate. They left Bangkok for the airport of Jakarta on 31st March at midnight. When they arrived in Jakarta, they were welcomed by a group of leaders who took them to the camp for registration. On the first day the Thai participants were divided in two groups. The first group went snorkeling, planting corals and putting turtles into the sea. The second group played games and planted trees. On the second day, the youth of the different countries came together.

The Chief-Apostle opened the camp.

There was a parade of many countries. Everybody received a badge in order to do many activities, gain points and try to be the winner. In the afternoon there was anklung teaching and all youth, except those of Indonesia, could keep the instrument as souvenir. All enjoyed very much playing this special instrument. In the evening there were many shows of each country, about culture and faith.

There was a camp fire until late in the night there, introduced by District Apostle Hebeisen.

The Indonesian youth performed the Ramayana, an originally Hindu story/ dance, which even today remains one of the most popular classical stories in many South-East Asian Countries.

On Sunday all got up early and prepared themselves for the Divine Service. Before the service everyone received a breast-pin as remembrance. After the service all celebrated Apostle Wolf’s 50th birthday by singing together “Happy Birthday!”

Before leaving all also listened to a good-by song in the Indonesian language. With thankful haerts all of our youth returned safely to Thailand. It was a great opportunity to get to better know the youth of other countries. The motto of that day was: “We are one!”

We are grateful to everybody for their financial support which helped making this visit to Indonesia possible for our youth.