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Date: 04.04.2017 | News

The board of trustees of the Foundation of NAC Thailand met in Chiang Mai for its annual meeting on March 31st. In his opening address the DA and Chair of the board, stated the challenges the church faces and thanked the Apostle Fred Wolf for his work and endurance to maintain the church in Thailand.

Besides official business the chairman informed the members of the future plans for NACSEAsia in general and NAC Thailand in particular. Outgoing Board member DE Kancham Boonsa-ard was given recognition for over 30 yearns service in ministry and the board. Sr. Pichapad Ruenoraseret (Joy) was nominated new Trustee. The District Apostle announced that also his retirement is in sight and he will serve on the board only for one more term. To be nominated as successor next year the Bh. Samuel Tansahtikno was proposed.

The administrative support from Manila Office was assured to continue and the support for NAC Myanmar also confirmed. The financial statement per end 2016 discussed and approved. Plans to rent a location for divine services for the german community in Hua Hin was approved.

Saturday 1st April all ministers gathered for a meeting on the subject of “SPIRITUAL PARALYSIS” and the interaction of “APOSTOLATE AND THE CONGREGATION” The Apostolate gives and receives – the congregation receives and gives” was the core message based on Romans 1:11-12

In a divine service on Sunday, 2nd April the DEl. Kancham went into well-deserved retirement. The sermon was based on Hebrews 2:18,

“Jesus helps us in temptation and suffering. He understands our weaknesses, shares our suffering and helps those who trust Him”.

District Elder Kancham and Apostle Wolf celebrated their birthday.