Divine services with our Apostle in Pattaya and Bangkok

Date: 09.09.2015 | News

On 5th and 6th of September our Apostle visited greater Bangkok. He conducted a divine service at the home of our brothers and sisters close to Pattaya and the Sunday service in our Bangkok congregation.

The topic of the first service was our relationship to God and his endless love to us. The Apostle explained how we should align our life to the Gospel and what kind of help we can expect from God and his son Jesus. Especially he mentioned that we often need patience until some change will come. He recommended learning from the life of Jesus. After the divine service we all had the opportunity to stay together and enjoy the time with food and drink.

At the Sunday service in Bangkok, the Apostle pointed out to our personal responsibility for our life of faith. He put this in contrast to a totally belief in signs. Because behind could be the opinion, that we might be tempting God to act as we human beings desire. The singing of the congregation and music from piano and violin gave a festive character to this blessed hour. In both divine services we could welcome guests.